The oilrig cookie cutter

Hi world, this is the The oilrig cookie cutter

Download model from thingiverse here

Custom cookie cutters are everywhere over the internet since 3d printing started to be common. So I wanted to give it a try to.

I am not a regular baker so my knowledge about cookie dough and cookie behavior was quite low. Therefor I ended up with a bit too much detail in my cutter, something to know for the next time I decide to make a custom cookie cutter.

I started with a google search for oil platform icon. Icons was a great way to find simple but very representative projections of platforms. Played around with a couple of other ideas and the same applied, just google it with “icon” at the end, and you will find a lot of examples.

Oil platform outline icon

Oil platform outline icon

Well, I found a icon I wanted to use and added it as reference picture in solidworks. If you don’t already know how to do that, there is a lot of info about that topic out there. So google it, I’m not gonna go trough it here.

Tracing over reference photo in modelling software

Tracing over reference photo in modelling software

With the reference picture in place, I just traced the lines. First i took the main shape or the outer shape. Extruded that 15 mm high and 1 mm wide. Then I traced the inner geometry and made that 13mm high and same with. I added some supports to the back so it would be more stable in use.


Extruded modell

Then print it, nothing special to say about printing experience, it was a simple print and went fast.

All in all good experience, but if you do this you should think about not putting this much detail in the geometry.

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