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I’ve written a post before about finishing 3d prints. Now I have a new print I’m trying to give a nice finish and this is how to paint 3d prints.

First, as before, i start with this body filler for cars. its rely thin and gets in between all the print lines. I gave this maybe 4 easy coats, it needs some sanding afterwords so go easy, those dripples are a bitch to sand.

Then after the primer, I sand it, and give it some more primer and sand again. The primer needs some time to dry, so this process all together with paint can take some days.

After sanding the  body filler\primer, I start with spray lacquer. Same of course applies her; patience, don’t spray to much cause it will start to run. Just give it some thin layers. I spray up to ten thin layers. this also gets sanded in between some of the layers.

And for the final finish, i put on a couple of layers of clear coat. This piece i am working on here is still not finished, I will update this post when it is.


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