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In this post i will try to say something about how I  made my self balancing robot. This was a project I started so I could learn more about programming the arduino. I’m a mechanical engineer and don’t know to much about coding and the arduino really got me interested in getting to know more about coding.

But off course with all the resources out there you can do this without knowing anything about coding, i recommend reading trough the code and trying to understand it when you do these kind of projects. you really learn a lot.

My main source of info was this site . It has rely good information. In my case I used some different components that affected how the code needed to be written. Since I have almost no experience with coding, this was terrifying and i thought that I was not going to be able to do this if I weren’t able to copy directly. But this was a good confirmation of the fact that when you just take challenges one step at a time it will sort itself out, and you will learn a lot. The internet is a great thing, and you can find all the info you need, just have patience.

Well, as I said; if you buy the same components, then the code is just copy paste. The only thing that always varies, is the PID controlling. This is geometry and center of gravity dependent, and will off course be different for every robot. But how to set the values for P, I and D are really easy in the code that is used in the reference for this article. The basics is that you connect the robot to your computer and set these values as the robot is “alive”, this way you can fine tune each value to make the robot more stable.

All the components are easily available, and for the housing of the robot I printed a simple box on my 3d printer, but any box would do, a normal lunch box would do perfect as long at it fits all the components.

My robot is as you can see still a rough prototype, but it works for now and i learned alot. I hope that I can find the time to make a second revision that is more complete soon. I will keep you updated.

Conclusion is that this project is rely perfect to get you started with electronics and programming. It’s not to simple and not to hard. And the result is awesome, when you get it going its like a optical illusion and you cant believe you made that. And that’s a awesome feeling, highly recommended!


Resource for my robot is the great internet and in specific this site:

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