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Hi world

I just got myself a 3d pilot. I have never used a pilot before and I’ve been wanting to try one for a while now. As i read trough the big internet it seems like people both love and hate this thing. I will try to give you my first impression. The first thing that struck me is the quality feel, the weight and matrials makes it feel like a quality product under your fingers. Off course that’s not why we buy or use it, but I am a sucker for that quality feel XD

So i plug it in and it installs easily. It comes with a program that includes a training module, and man, that is needed. The first couple of minutes it feels like you are trying to write with your wrong hand. I work as a design engineer and model every day, that might be one of the reasons for why i wanted to throw it trough the window the first couple of minutes. Because my brain is quite used to maneuvering the model with a normal mouse.

Well, anyways, after a few minutes ( 1 hour) of training it started to be more maneuverable. Then I tried it in modelling software and I must say; it kinda annoys me. I cant seem to get used to it. BUT, as I have read on the internet and heard from colleagues, it will change my life when i get used to it. So I am gonna keep using it and force myself not to just click the wheel on my mouse to get to where I want in the model, and hopefully I will reach this point where it feels natural to use it.

Share your experience in the comments.

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